Live Improvisations for you to listen or record with.

Jam Lab - Orlando, FL
Jerry Bundy Guitar
Kurt Angel Drums
Paco Bass

© 2000, 2001

The Wailing Wall
Classic Rock
  download 6.7 MB

This is one of the last live jams with Jerry Bundy on guitar. Angel, Bundy, Craig, 39.2.J25.0-6:50

On the Axis of Rotation
  download 5.2 MB

Angel, Bundy, Craig, 39.3.J26.0-5:25

Turbulent Flow
  download 4.7 MB

Angel, Bundy, Craig, 38.4.J21.8:38-13:30

Tidal Pool
  download 3.5 MB

Angel, Bundy, Craig, 38.1.J19.0-3:40

Minor Keys
Electric Blues
  download 3.1 MB

Angel, Bundy, Craig, 38.3.J23.5:32-8:42

Slight Interlude
  download 3.2 MB

Angel, Bundy, Craig, 35.2.J6.14:00-17:28

Reddish House
Electric Blues
  download 2.1 MB

Angel, Bundy, Craig, 36.4.J11.4:30-6:45

  download 3.5 MB

Angel, Bundy, Craig, 36.2.J9.1:00-4:50

Second Stage Separation
  download 2.4 MB

This is the very first jam with Jerry Bundy on guitar. Angel, Bundy, Craig, 34.1.J1.6:55-9:30

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