The Jam Lab in Orlando, FL Peter Lauder Guitar, Paco Bass, Kurt Angel Drums Live Improvisations for you to listen or record with.

Jam Lab - Orlando, FL

Peter Lauda Guitar, GR33, and Keys
Kurt Angel Drums
Paco Bass

© 2002, 2003, 2004

Keys of Enoch Angel, Craig, Lauda P183 Compilation 10
download P183 5 MB

Torsion Fields Angel, Craig, Lauda P169 Compilation 10
download P169 7 MB

Field of MFKZT Angel, Craig, Lauda P169 Compilation 10
download P169 4 MB

Boppin Round Angel, Craig, Lauda P140 Compilation 9
download P140 4 MB

Depleted Uranium Enema Angel, Craig, Lauda P139 Compilation 9
download P139 5 MB

Feathered Serpents Angel, Craig, Lauda P138 Compilation 9
download P138 6 MB

Nefilim Rulers Angel, Craig, Lauda P133 Compilation 9
download P133 5 MB

TKO Angel, Craig, Lauda P133 Compilation 9
download P126 5 MB

Form Constant Angel, Craig, Lauda P125 Compilation 9
download P125 12 MB

Profit from Debt Angel, Craig, Lauda P124 Compilation 9
download P124 9 MB

Consequence of Truth Angel, Craig, Lauda P122 Compilation 9
download P122 5 MB

Magnetic Bearings Angel, Craig, Lauda P116 Compilation 9
Blues Rock
download P116 5 MB

Boundary Condition Angel, Craig, Lauda P110 Compilation 9
download P110 3 MB

Genetic Bullet Angel, Craig, Lauda P107 Compilation 9
download P107 6 MB

Iron Mountain Report Angel, Craig, Lauda P106 Compilation 9
download P106 8 MB

Peak Oil Angel, Craig, Lauda P106 Compilation 9
download P106 6 MB

The Trinity Test Angel, Craig, Lauda P100 Compilation 9
download P100 9 MB

The Watchers Angel, Craig, Lauda P096 Compilation 9
download P095 7 MB

Convergent Timeline Paradox Angel, Craig, Lauda P091 Compilation 8
download P091 4 MB

Put Five Angel, Craig, Lauda P091 Compilation 8
Rock Fusion
This one is for Dave
download P091 8 MB

Poison Well Angel, Craig, Lauda P084 Compilation 8
Guitar Rock
download P084 7 MB

A Matter of Convenience Angel, Craig, Lauda P071 Compilation 8
Guitar Rock
download P071 6 MB

Dawn of the Lotus Angel, Craig, Lauda P069 Compilation 8
Peter tickles the keys before picking up his axe.
download P069 6 MB

Bagram Torture Test Angel, Craig, Lauda P069 Compilation 8
download P069 4 MB

Circadian Rhythm
Blues Rock
  download (4.5MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 56.4 P64 @ 2:14-5:19) Compilation 8

The Tinman Gene
  download (5.7MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 56.2 P62) Compilation 8

Conservation of Momentum Guitar Rock
  download (8.3MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 55.4 P61 @ 6:52-12:47) Compilation 8

Monatomic Element Rock
  download (4.5MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 55.3 P60) Compilation 8

Monastic Code
  download (5.2MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 56.1 P59) Compilation 8

  download (4.6MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 54.3 P57) Compilation 8

Solid Precipitation
  download (6.0MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 54.2 P55 @ 9:15-14:00) Compilation 8

On the Ropes
Blues Rock
  download (3.3MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 54.1 P54) Compilation 8

  download (6.1MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 53.4 P53) Compilation 8

Babylon System
  download (5.3MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 53.3 P52) Compilation 8

Sacred Geometry
  download (4.0MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 52.4 P48) Compilation 7

Shadow Government
  download (5.7MB)

Peter lays some licks on the keyboard.
(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 51.4 P44) Compilation 7

  download (6.9MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 51.5 P42) Compilation 7 Nexus Magazine

Pattern Recognition
  download (4.6MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 51.3 P41) Compilation 7

Double Spiral
  download (5.9MB)

(Angel, Craig Lauda, 50.4 P40) Compilation 7

Skull and Bones
  download (4.3MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 51.2 P39) Compilation 7

The Cuckoo's Nest
  download (5.0MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 50.1 P35) Compilation 7

The Way Around It
  download (7.6MB)

As reviewed by X of the gods of music: The Way Around It, is a trippy hypnotic groove made up mostly of two guitar tracks, and a drum track. I really liked the drum track, the drummer sounds very talented. It was interesting, comprised of many different types of drums (I even heard a congo drum in there), and kept the beat well. The guitar is hypnotising, well-recorded, and the melodies are great. A real nice piece.

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 48.4 P33 @ 10:20-15:45) Compilation 7

Caprice and Cappuccino
  download (5.8MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 48.3 P31) Compilation 7

Chimborazo Conundrum
  download (5.1MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 49.1 P30) Compilation 7

  download (8.8MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 48.2 P29) Compilation 7

Complications Arise
  download (4.8MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 48.1 P28) Compilation 7

Feast or Famine
  download (7.0MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 47.3 P27) Compilation 7

The Chopping Block
Blues Rock
  download (4.2MB)

(Angel, Craig Lauda, 47.1 P25) Compilation 7

  download (6.7MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 46.4 P24) Compilation 7

Catch 23
  download (7.7MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 46.3 P23 @ 0:30-5:55) Compilation 7

Back on the Farm
  download (5.1MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 45.2 P18) Compilation 6

Coriolis Effect Experimental
  download (4.1MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 45.1 P17) Compilation 6

Lagrange Point
  download (5.1MB)

As reviewed by station, Norville's Pancakes and Radio Station: The Jam Lab sure is tasty, like a cookie lab or something. It's on the 4th level for 4 times the taste!
(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 44.4 P16) Compilation 6

Cautious Chemistry
  download (9.4MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 44.3 P15) Compilation 6

Sigmund Floyd
  download (9.1MB)

As reviewed by station, The Summer of Psychedelic Love: Cool jazzy hypnotic ambient psychedelic jamz...all so very '70s...well, maybe the name of the song just says it all! As reviewed by Luana of the gods of music: Upon first listening to Sigmund Floyd, it could be construed as your basic, average hippie rock. Listen a number of times, however, and something begins to happen -- you start to feel the passion that these boys have for the music being created through their instrumentation. Put it on and just let it go - you will begin to hear just how organic this music is. It's not meant to be over-produced, contrived, set-up or rehearsed in any way. If you're looking for pop rock this isn't it. Although the dynamics are a bit lacking, the song itself does take the listener on a 6:29 second journey into the minds of people making music just for the joy of expression. I've tried to find flaws in the technical performance. I cannot hear anything that is lacking in any part of the instrumentation. Generally this type of track is purely subjective from the aspect of the musician expressing him/herself, and it's very hard to say from an outside point of view whether it was done perfectly or not. My ears say they had a pretty good jam; however, I would have liked to hear them completely bust out at some point, bringing the intensity through the roof. The recording quality is ok in so far as it's being a live recording situation. The song held my interest pretty well, and the structure shouldn't be hard to follow for the basic listener. As far as charisma goes, it all comes through in their playing. All in all, well worth a listen or ten. Keep groovin' to The Jam Lab.

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 44 P14) Compilation 6

Phil Goes Walking
  download (10.5MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 44.1 P13) Compilation 6

Auger Dawdle
Guitar Rock
  download (6.4MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 43.4 P12B) Compilation 6

  download (5.0MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 43.4 P12A) Compilation 6

  download (7.1MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 43.3 P11) Compilation 6

Fissile Material
  download (9.2MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 43.2 P10)

Ambling Ambivalence
  download (8.2MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 43.2 P10) Compilation 6

Time Lapse
  download (9.3MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 43.1 P9) Compilation 6

Spanning the Horizon
Rock Fusion
  download (8.0MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 42.2 P8) Compilation 6

Critical Mass
  download (4.3MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 42.2P8 @ 5:55-9:20)

  download (1.7MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 42.3 P6 @ 5:50-7:40)

  download (5.8MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, P5) Compilation 6

Mud Dauber
Classic Rock
  download (2.8MB)

(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 41.4 P4 @ 0:30-3:30)

Fractal Plane
  download (4.7MB)

Our third live project has begun with Peter Lauda on guitar. Here is a track from the first session.
(Angel, Craig, Lauda, 41.3 P3 @ 5-10)

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