Live Improvisations by Jam Lab with Robert Buick Guitar, Kurt Angel Drums, Paco Bass Live Improvisations for you to listen or record with.

Jam Lab - Orlando, FL
Robert Buick Guitar
Kurt Angel Drums
Paco Bass

© 1999, 2000, 2001

Ephram And Manasseh
download 4.4MB

The Jam Lab started as a duo with Robert and Kurt.

Angel, Buick, 1.6 T000 Compilation 1

Plasma Enhanced Goodbye
download 10.7MB

This is a portion of the last live jam featuring Robert Buick on guitar.
Angel, Buick, Craig, 33.1 T162 Compilation 4

The Missing Cephalopod
download 5.6MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 32.1 T155 @ 15:30-19:41 Compilation 4

Trade Winds
download 3.4MB

Travel can be hastened by latching on to natural currents.

Angel, Buick, Craig, 32. T158 Compilation 4

String Theory
  download 15.4MB

Here is a full length unplugged jam featuring acoustic guitar.

Angel, Buick, Craig, 31.2 T151

Unified Theory
  download 4.0MB

The unplugged acoustic jam heats up.

Angel, Buick, Craig, 31.3 T152 @ 0-4:19

On the way to Oregon
  download 4.2MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 30.3 T147 Compilation 4

The Start of the Journey
  download 6.4MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 29.2 T136 Compilation 4

On the Coast
  download 4.8MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 29.4 T138 Compilation 4

The Break of Day
  download 5.7 MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 29.3 T137 Compilation 4

Rushing To Wait
  download 8.3MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 28.5 T134 Compilation 4

If Angus Was Allan
  download 9.2MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 28.3 T131 @ 0-3:48 Compilation 4

As reviewed by station, Integrated Arts IX: Angus Young wakes from a night of heavy drinking with his mates in AC/DC. He feels a little stranger than usual, his hangovers are known throughout the world. He crawls over to the hotel mirror, and it shatters his eyes. His hair has dropped to slim to none, and his face is slim to none. He is Allan Holdsworth. An introspective look at the hammer on technique, forced through sonic fiberglass sound textures. Spoiled bass walks upright along its spelunking cavern, as drums from Captain Oblivion spell danger. Hypnotic and immersing, this trilled run is something to look forward to when you've just about had enough of whatever else you are listening to. Meaning, this is drastically different, and thus, belongs here. There are many artists that take "thematic" approaches to the guitar, as opposed to just playing standard finger or plucked guitar, maestros such as Allan Holdsworth, Jaco Pastorius, Bill Frissell, Buckethead, Adrian Belew, Henry Kaiser, Al DiMeola Elliot Sharpe just to name a few. These masters of the stringed instrument mainly the electric, but their escapades tended to take them into other instruments as well would defy and sometimes completely ignore normal tablature and signature structures in any given genre, and when they played, people listened. We have the same kind of abnormal behavior going on with this artist; the parallels are that of genii.

Cydonian Geometry and 19.5 Degrees
Guitar Rock
  download 6.3MB

Some amoung us have wondered why Cydonia, Mars is mirrored at Avebury, England.

Angel, Buick, Craig, 28.1 T129 Compilation 4

Echo From the Lagoon
  download 3.3 MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 26.5 T122 @ 5:00-7:20

Polarized Light
  download 5.2MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 26.2 T125 Compilation 4

Power Surge
  download 1.7 MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 25.2 T114 @ 6:45-8:30

Steep Descent
  download 5.5 MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 25.3 T115 Compilation 4

A Strange Tale
  download 2.2 MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 25.6 T119 @ 0:10-2:25

Out For a Stroll
Blues Rock
  download 5.1 MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 24.3 T107 @ 9:00-12:20 Compilation 4

Down From the Clouds
  download 5.6MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 22.3 T100

Road House
  download 5.6MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 21.3 T96 @ 7:30-11:30

Driving on Fumes
Electric Blues
  download 2.7MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 19.2 T87

Fly Agaric
  download 8.2 MB

The shaman may fly agaric but it is recommended that he check his luggage.

Angel, Buick, Craig, 18.3 T85 @ 4:07-9:55 Compilation 3

  download 5.5 MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 18.2 T84 Compilation 3

Magnetic Field Lines
  download 8.1 MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 17.1 T78 Compilation 3

  download 9.9 MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 16.3 T76 Compilation 3

The Center
  download 8.6 MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 15.5 T72 Compilation 3

  download 6.8 MB

As reviewed by station, EER Rock Candy: Itz all jamz all zee time dudez improv-city.

Angel, Buick, Craig, 15.2 T69 Compilation 3

Zero Space
  download 6.4 MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 14.5 T67 Compilation 3

Standard Issue
  download 11MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 14.3 T66 Compilation 3

Liquid Core
  download 5.2MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 14.2 T64 Compilation 3

Blues Rock
  download 3MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 13.3 T62 Compilation 3

Only Gold Is Money
Blues Rock
  download 3MB

Imagine owning a private corporation, The (not so) Federal Reserve, that prints money out of thin air in order to maintain profits for their secret owners. You could rule the world with such power. Unlimited power always leads to unlimited corruption. Illuminate evil with truth.

Angel, Buick, Craig, 13.2 T61 Compilation 2

Agents Dancing With Joy
  download 5.5MB

Who filmed the first attack on 911? How did they obtain advance knowledge in order to get The Money Shot of the Century? Why are "National Security" laws protecting these cowards and traitors? Who protects such evil? Why does the FBI shake in fear of these men?

Angel, Buick, Craig, 13.1 T59 Compilation 2

Arming Iraq
Classic Rock
  download 14.4MB

Just how did Iraq obtain all those pesky WMD? Who was stupid enough to sell them such evil?

Angel, Buick, Craig, 12.3 T58 Compilation 2

The Wind Cries Jimi
Classic Rock
  download 15.1MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 12.3 T57 Compilation 2

Union Banking With Thyssen
  download 6.6MB

Do you think history is boring? Understanding how war is financed and by who may save your life and your children.

Union Banking Corporation's assets were frozen by the US government for trading with the enemy, Nazi Thyssen. Prescott's children are NOT our friends!

Angel, Buick, Craig, 12.2 T51 Compilation 2

Blues Rock
  download 11.3MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 11.2 T49 Compilation 2

Fire It Up
  download 2.4MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 10.6 T46 @ 0-2:36 Compilation 2

  download 8.6MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 9.4 T41 Compilation 2

  download 4.7MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 7.1 T34 @ 8:55-11:20 Compilation 1

  download 3.8MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 6.2 T28 @ 0-4:00 Compilation 1

The Smoking One
  download 9.7MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 7.2 T36 @ 3:00-10:00 Compilation 1

Hand Cramp
  download 3.9MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 4.2 T17 @ 0-3:00 Compilation 1

Stereo Guitar
Guitar Rock
  download 5.8MB

This jam that marks the beginning of dual miking for the guitar.
Angel, Buick, Craig, 3.3 T12 Compilation 1

  download 4.9MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 3.2 T11 @ 0-4:00 Compilation 1

Poppy Bush
Heavy Rock
  download 3.3MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 2.6 T09 Compilation 1

Funky Rocker
  download 3.3MB

As reviewed by station, Jazz Prog Fusion Rock: I kept thinking, Robin Trower live? Rockers from Florida, USA. Check 'em out.
Angel, Buick, Craig, 2.4 T07 @ 0-3:00 Compilation 1

Slow Drivin
Blues Rock
  download 5.1MB

As reviewed by station, The Bass Experiment: This band is based on improvising all their material. I think they do a pretty good job of it. I put this song up because I think the bassline is pretty cool.
Angel, Buick, Craig, 2.2 T05 @ 0-3:00 Compilation 1

The Underlying Blues
Electric Blues
  download 4.1MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 1.3 T03 @ 12:30-15:22 Compilation 1

Binary Breakdown
  download 7.5MB

Angel, Buick, Craig, 1.2 T02 @ 12:40-15:35 Compilation 1

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